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eggmaps HD.

Custom Google Maps for iPad.* With Street View.

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Note: This product uses Google Maps™ and Google Transit™ services, but is not made or endorsed by Google™

Google provides the maps.
EggMaps HD provides the full-screen interface.

We provide a unique, custom interface to Google™ Maps.


  • Full-screen, hi-res (retina) Google™ Maps on your iPad.
  • Fast, intuitive, native user interface.
  • One-button switching between directions-list view and map view.
  • Translucent directions list view
  • Switch between satellite view, standard map view and hybrid view with a single tap. No more clumsy combination of gestures.
  • Auto-suggestion of local place-names in search, based on where you are currently located. You'll be surprised how little typing you need to perform.

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